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About the show

Everyday Photography (Every Day)" is a weekly podcast where you get to listen in on a chat between a photographer (Rubin) and a regular human (Suzanne Fritz-Hanson) with an eye on making your pictures amazing and helping you enjoy your photography more. No technical stuff. No talk of gear or software. Just photography for the fun of it.

  • Rubin brings a unique perspective to consumer media: a student of Jerry Uelsmann; an amateur photographer for 40 years; formerly of Lucasfilm, Netflix and Adobe; director of The Rubin Collection of Photography; and founder of Neomodern, he's long been passionate about advancing the language of photography.

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  • 102: The Six Types of Photographers

    9 February 2020  |  Season 4  |  37 mins 41 secs
    art, photography

    After Rubin's Petapixel essay went viral a few weeks ago, he's been digging into photographic fundamentals; Suzanne and Rubin dig into the ways we compose and how it interacts with our basic tendencies. The show is practically therapy.

  • 101: Natural Harmony with Foto Kammer

    1 February 2020  |  Season 4  |  40 mins 1 sec
    art, fine art, nude, photography

    Our first anonymous guest, who has a day job in Silicon Valley, but has an alter ego, Foto-Kammer, who shoots luscious landscapes and lyrically beautiful nudes, and whose work explores the natural harmony of humans in the landscape.

  • 100: Shiva and her Nudes

    25 January 2020  |  Season 4  |  49 mins 13 secs
    art, fine art, nude, photography

    After a career as a fine art nude model, Shiva Sharifi today photographs nude and boudoir as well as organizes workshops to introduce photographers to this specialty, coordinating models and students in great settings. She has a wealth of experiences on both sides of the camera in this domain.

  • 99: Creativity and the Creative Process

    18 January 2020  |  Season 3  |  38 mins 57 secs
    art, photography

    It's the 99th episode, and Suzanne and Rubin catch up on holiday events, the state of their photography, and Neomodern's current Kickstarter project for a new kind of photographer's frame.

  • 98: Mysterious Stories of "Everyman" Stephan Sheffield

    28 December 2019  |  Season 3  |  54 mins 18 secs
    art, photography

    It's our New Years Show and we're joined by photographer and photographic educator Stephan Sheffield. He describes his whimsical and noirish "selfies" as "more fun than deep" -- still his "Everyman" photos are a curious exploration of photographic storytelling.

  • 97: TWIP and Fred Van Johnson

    21 December 2019  |  Season 3  |  52 mins 29 secs
    art, photography

    For almost eight years, "This Week in Photo" (TWIP) has been the go-to podcast for photo enthusiasts, lead by industry (and real) veteran Fred Van Johnson. Fred was not only a conflict photographer for the military, but later had stints at Yahoo, Apple and Adobe.

  • 96: Nate in the Wild

    15 December 2019  |  Season 3  |  35 mins
    art, photography

    Nate Luebbe is a commercial photographer who specializes in the wilderness. He has made a career out of going hiking and skiing and camping—with his camera—and by all accounts, is living the life. How does a guy go from the beer industry to professional photographer, shooting auroras in Norway and teaching classes across the country?

  • 95: The Rubin Opening: One Print Only

    8 December 2019  |  Season 3  |  29 mins 22 secs
    art, photography

    Suzanne gets a preview of a rare Rubin show, with prints from four of his favorite projects: Nudes, San Francisco, Tikun Olam, and Alcatraz Windows. And somewhere in the conversation they're joined by Lorna Rubin, mother, publisher, and conspirator in the creation of the Rubin Photographic Collection, which she discusses, along with her parenting tips.

  • 94: Exploring themes, with Howie Schatz

    5 December 2019  |  Season 3  |  33 mins 33 secs
    art, photography

    Schatz walked away from a successful career as a doctor to pursue his dream of being an artist, and he's never looked back. Schatz' work over the years as a studio photographer has thoughtfully drilled into a number of creative themes -- from redheads to the homeless, "powerful women" to "the shape of the NFL." Meet the former ophthalmologist on his visit to San Francisco this week.

  • 93: Thankful for the Influence of Jerry Uelsmann

    28 November 2019  |  Season 3  |  19 mins 23 secs
    art, photography

    Jerry Uelsmann has taught thousands of students about photography; he's in the collections worldwide, but his unusual creative styles were key influences for the Rubin's collection and photography. Even if you don't want to make photographic collages, Uelsmann's approach can be instructive. Listen.

  • 92: The Hobby of Photography

    24 November 2019  |  Season 3  |  45 mins 21 secs
    art, photography

    Being an "amateur" doesn't mean your photography is lousy, it means you're doing it for the love of it. Maybe you have a regular job, or just enjoy taking pictures of friends and travels, in this episode we discuss what it means to be a hobbyist and dig into a few photos to discuss the flow. (And we finally have our audio recording under control!)

  • 91: The Passions of Asa

    21 November 2019  |  Season 3  |  44 mins 56 secs
    art, photography

    His rare photo of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs together could very well fund his vision of a photographic camp for kids -- come meet Asa Mathat, the consummate pro. He's shot hundreds of the most accomplished humans in the world, and brings distinctive creativity and deep humanity, to every unique shot.

  • 90: Looking and Collecting, with Gallerist Catherine Couturier

    9 November 2019  |  Season 3  |  56 mins 14 secs
    art, photography

    How does a person learn to look at photographs? Is it just staring or is there a more methodical way to gauge that a photo is great? In this special 2-in-1 episode, we begin by briefly exploring Rubin's approach and then settle into a fantastic exploration of collecting with Houston's premiere photography gallery owner, Catherine Couturier, who walks us through her process and other thoughts on collecting and being collected.

  • 89: Haunted: The Sensual Identity of Sophie Dimond

    3 November 2019  |  Season 3  |  41 mins 56 secs
    art, fine art, nude, photography

    Photographer, and subject of her own introspective and sensual photographs, Sophie Dimond seems to roam the landscape wrestling with her past. Her beautiful work is created with traditional methods, on medium format film as well as with Polaroids, and is both spooky and alluring.

  • 88: Learning to Play, with Jerry Downs

    25 October 2019  |  Season 3  |  41 mins 33 secs
    art, photography

    Photographer and teacher Jerry Downs has been taking pictures for more than 50 years, and inspiring other picture takers along the way. His spiritual approach is delightful; and anyone would benefit from engaging with him. We sat down to get to know Jerry better and understand more about his philosophy and background. Listen in!

  • 87: Winners of the Fall Show

    20 October 2019  |  Season 3  |  32 mins 13 secs
    art, photography

    On this special episode we'll meet the photographers from San Francisco who were selected to show in a group exhibition at Neomodern. They represent a range of subjects, ages, cameras and styles--we took a few minutes during the show to dig in a little deeper.